Company Stores

We can build your online branded store at NO COST TO YOU!*

Build your brand with an online company store customized just for you!

  • Save time by allowing key employees to place orders directly
  • Items you’ve ordered are always at your fingertips!
  • Simplify the ordering process
  • Fulfill employee loyalty programs

Company Stores Two Ways

Internal Company Store

An Internal Company Store works great if you are simply looking for a way to streamline purchasing and delivery of your company’s branded materials and promotional items.

  • Share approved branded materials within your company
  • Save lots of time!
  • Orders are processed via approved estimate, purchase order or credit card
  • Include every item that is designed and produced with your brand: print materials, branded promotional items, apparel, and displays

End User Company Store

End User Company Stores enable your employees, customers, members or the public to purchase items one or more at a time, directly from you

You take orders in a specific timeframe, and then place the bulk order with us, which is delivered to you to fulfill—minimum quantities apply, and vary by item,

OR, you buy items at minimum quantities, we ship to you and you inventory them to ship as needed or as orders come in

Nonprofit Fundraising Online Stores

Are you a nonprofit? Our nonprofit “donation back” program helps maximize your fundraising—typically 15% on the base item before decoration

We can build a customized Internal or End User Company Store to help you get the most from your fundraising efforts

Benefits of Working with RUNMARK for your Company Store

  • No setup or monthly fees!*
  • Get help choosing the right apparel and other items to include in your store
  • Graphic design support—we’ll create mockups of your store items with existing artwork, or help you create new designs
  • FREE samples for your review—see our Sample Policy
  • Fulfillment and kitting services available

NOTE: We do not currently do "print on demand" production - minimum quantities apply to all orders placed with us (minimums can be 1, 12 or thousands, it depends on the item and the manufacturer).

Questions? Contact us

*Minimum sales commitment applies. Contact us for details.

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